Hello Class!

Dito sa blog na ito ninyo ipo-post ang mga critiques ninyo sa mga films na pipiliin ninyo out of the list I gave you in class.

Just be reminded.  I’m not asking you to review them, I want you to analyze each of them based on our discussion last class.

Limit your analysis to 1300-1500 words.   And klaruhin ninyo ang message or meaning na nakuha ninyo out of the film/movie.  Make sure you present evidences by way of scenes sa movie that would support your claim.

English only please — pagdating sa mga papers.  Pero sa mga excersises na ipo-post natin dito, ok lang mag-taglish — o kung anupang language ang alam ninyo.  At please, walang text speak sa papers.

Also — create a title for your individual papers and append the following:  An Analysis of (insert the directors name)’s (Title of the Movie).

Tag your paper with the word “film analysis,” then your name,  and the title of the movie sa “Tags & Categories” button na makikita niyo sa right side when you’re writing your paper.

And lastly, don’t plagiarize.



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