An Adventure in finding answers is about to begin.. (An Analysis of Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”)

An exciting adventure in finding answers to questions. That’s what I liked about this Film; a 12-year old boy who will do everything just to get that answer that can maybe change his life and I’m happy that he did! It was a very tough journey and this tough boy surpassed that.

There are parts of this movie that became significant to me maybe because of the meaning or the message that I obtained and because of what I feel when I am watching, for me it is more than what you can tell and knew, it’s about you interpret it.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h09m56s566Hugo, going out from the place on where he set clocks.

Here are some of them:

The Mystery. At the first part of the film, we don’t know exactly what is happening; we are just seeing a little boy behind a big chamber, setting clocks and everything. But we can percept this sudden feeling that he is left alone but with whom? At first, we don’t know but as the story of the film goes by, we will know. At the first part of the movie, we will be pleased by Hugo that he is a good child by just working and working to set clocks; but by the time we heard that he stole something, that made our impression different because he looks so young and innocent to do those things but then when you look closer and think more deeper, you will understand why is he doing this. The history between what happened to Hugo were later revealed in the film, he was left by his father who accidentally died and his uncle who adopted him after his father died but unfortunately neglected him; all his uncle taught him was to run the clocks in the train station.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h11m18s533The drawing that the machine did after it worked again.

A desperate person, let’s just say this child is very hungry. How will he know where and how to get a food for himself when he doesn’t even know what happened to his dad? That is our society nowadays; it’s easy for us to judge without looking closely and thinking deeper. I understand that most of the people tend to fool others for the sake of money and other things but not all persons do that, we just have to use our brain and feelings to know if this or that person truly needs help or just here to use your weaknesses. We need to learn how to read people.

The Problem. More characters are later revealed in the film and one of that is Mr. George, who is a famous filmmaker way back then but he stopped. His reasons were also told in the film and for me that was significant. Success is the ultimate thing that everyone wants to obtain, and it’s not that easy. It’s like an iceberg, when you reach success; almost all of the people can only see the way you success, but most of them didn’t know what you’ve been through so when you are down, it is easy for them to judge and say anything that they want to say about you. Whatever we do, good or bad; people will say something so what’s the point of giving up right? Maybe because we are tired of criticisms for doing the things that we are fond to. In Mr. George’s case, he stopped doing Films and forget about all about it because he was frustrated. He felt like no one likes his movies anymore so the only way to save himself is to stop doing them anymore.

But if I am going to ask you, did he did the right thing? No. Because if you know in yourself that you will do this specific thing because you know you love doing it, you will never stop. Don’t mind what others are gonna say, what matters is that you are happy and you are not harming anyone. But then, it is still not the end if you did the same decision as Mr. Georges, it’s not too late for everyone to mend a decision that was made to broken you. Every person on earth was born with choices, choices that may lead us to success, happiness, frustration and sadness but the bottom line of all of this was the best way to reach success is by believing yourself first before nobody else; I’m not saying that you should only believe yourself and nothing more, my point is that how are you going to communicate, work and show your competency if you can’t believe yourself. You cannot consider yourself as a professional if you don’t believe that you can be a professional. “No matter what you say, it won’t hurt me. No matter if I fall from the sky.” A song “Wings” reminds me that who cares if I fall? Whats important is that I can rise again, even boxers do it! Right?

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h10m53s637The Drawing is part of Georges’ Film Collection.

The declaration. At the end of the movie, Hugo find himself fulfilling all of his goals and for his father. The little boy who did everything turns out to be successful because he just don’t fixed his life, he fixed others too. Mr. George was inspired by Hugo’s determination even though at first, he thought that Hugo was a thief or something else. Like us, we finally knew that the little boy who was accused as thief were a little boy who needs caring, affection and a family. Being a part of someone else’s life is way more easier than being away. Look what happened again, Hugo lost his father; he was only left with a broken machine and a legacy that the machine should be fixed for also an unknown reason. If that would happen to us, we will just say “Why would I fix it? Will I be able to earn money for doing this?” And of course “I am an orphan now, so who needs a broken machine? I need a family that can give me all of my needs!” A normal 12-year old kid will somewhat say that things but not Hugo right? Instead of staying on the train station hoping that one day his uncle will come to give him food or send him to school again, he did a solution by himself but not that stealing part specifically. It is by solving his problem on his own because being alone doesn’t make you weak; it can make you feel more stronger because you have to stand on your own whether you like it or not. Hugo did everything to make the machine worked again and he succeed, that maybe was the best day of his life so far but then Mr. George finally told him all of what happened that made Hugo more happier and complete!

Our Little Hugo became stronger because of the challenges in life, giving up means that you weak or scared to try new things that may come on your way to broke you or complete you; but who knows? All the things and experiences give to each individual were made specially by our Almighty God and that is for us to nourish and improve, the main purpose of that is for us to be able to stand on our own in times of being alone because if you know how to defend yourself, you will be tough to deal with other problems and people that may come your way.

To sum it all up, Hugo is little child with big dreams and aspirations. I know that he did everything for his father because he wanted to remember him even in the smallest part that he can and by doing all of that, I think Hugo successfully gave justice to his father and giving us significant life lessons that should be taught to him as a 12-year old child instead.




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