How about an Eternal Love… from a Robot? (An analysis of Andrew Stanton’s “Wall•E”)

A Collection of Movies that has different magical and heartfelt themes has been Disney’s vision since then; and up to now, they are not letting us down. Disney is also known for giving us such information, lessons and values from their works, and this article is about Wall-E. I’m pretty sure most of us have already watched this cute movie and of course it is more than that! So I tried my best to really understand the movie as far as I can.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h04m42s693Wall•E outside the truck in the morning.

Here’s some points that made Wall-E one of the most significant Movies of Disney.

The Location of the First Part. At the first part of the moviewe can all see that the earth was abandoned, it was just an empty space; no humans. It was also full of trash when suddenly Wall-E, came in to the picture and start doing his job; taking trash and turning it into a cube. Wall-E keeps on doing the same thing and as still we can see the whole Earth. As the story goes by, they later revealed that people on Earth traveled on another planet to continue living. What do you think is the point of this? Well literally, they left Earth because nothing is left resourceful by that moment. What’s left is trash, broken mechanics and almost everything is junk, so they decided to leave.

Not understanding that all of that mess is their fault, after using Earth; they just left. Is that even an excuse? Well I think, this part is a comparison-contrast of what will be our decision when we came into this point. Are we going to do the same thing people did in the movie or we will stay on the planet we were born and do everything and whatever it takes to save it? Well obviously, the answer is no. Who can actually in a place where you can die any minute right? So you will just join the other people going to another planet because that is the only way to leave. Thank you technology, for breaking us and building up again, that’s ironic though. We are guilty for abusing the nature and enjoying too much of the technology but we can’t blame each other because we wanted it, and now that we are suffering can we still do something about it? Yes we can! We start in ourselves and then the whole family, the whole community and next are the whole wide world! Who knows? Maybe we, or should I say YOU can be the start of change!

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h06m46s025Wall•E and Eve meeting each other.

The Robot, Wall-E. As we can see on the movie, Wall-E was programmed with feelings I guess? Because he knows how to care for other robots and for that little insect left with him on Earth. Wall-E also did everything to make Eve alive not knowing that it was a factory defect because he is a robot too, how will he know that was the problem? For me, the point of this character; Wall-E is that if robots can have feelings to help and care for others, why not us right? Let me tell you some serious reality, for example; we saw two people fighting and as you can see to their actions and how they speak that they will do violent actions In no time. As they start that physical fight, we managed to take a video or picture first because this is a facebook or instagram worthy post and you swear that it’ll be viral! But then only few people will reach out and stop them. Am I right or Am I right? Instead of helping them, we will think first of what would we get in exchange. Before anything else, we care for ourselves.

Frankly speaking, this isn’t bad; but the problem is we forget the meaning of helping each other by means of not expecting anything in exchange, isn’t that enough that we get self-actualization? If a robot can, a human can do more. Am I right? We are just scared or maybe lazy to do all the things that can make us better? I don’t know, I will not except myself from all of this because I know that I’m lazy sometimes and not doing anything, but it’s not the end right? We can still do things that can make us better and as a person, to help our environment, community and the whole nation.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h07m44s893The Cruise line people.

The resolution of the problem. As the story goes by, you can see that the present people on the other planet (technically the people who doesn’t have knowledge about earth) are enlightened about going back to our mother nature. The captain successfully did everything to make the whole nation get back to our home. Plus the fact that all of them can’t walk, they still managed to fight over technologies and mechanics that is also made by humans. They don’t give up that easy because they know that it will be all worth it. Wall-E was a big part of this mission, he even risk his own parts; he almost broke but who cares? This little robot is our hero! He doesn’t care about what will going to happen, he just want the whole nation to know that there is a home waiting for them, like a Mother waiting for his son to come back; our Mother Earth.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h07m55s688The Captain wandering about Earth.

Think deeper on this situation, I will mention it again; a robot helped them to get back to earth. A robot who doesn’t have his own heart and mind, all are artificial. If you are in this point, are you willing to save the world? Are you willing to risk your life for the earth? No right? I am not saying that all people are selfish and users but then my point is, let’s face the reality no one will do such thing as Wall-E did. I also admire the captain for initiating this mission. I admire him because he is a truly good leader! Instead ofscratching over this because he is unsure, he fought for the idea that the Earth is their home so they successfully came back on Earth! He initiated the planting of trees, and teaches all of the people to do so.

The love interest of Wall-E and Eve. This may look informal but yes I included this one and put it on the last part, I was literally laughing while writing this one but I still continued to write it anyway because why not? Well, as we all know; Wall-E was the one who fell in love for Eve. At first, it was like Wall-E finding a friend or finding same specie as him and that made him happy because he is not alone now! So he didn’t let Eve away from him until the last part of the movie. They even did the holding hands robot version. You can see it on their eyes that they are really in love in a robot way I guess? I will say it again; If a robot can, humans can do better! So for those people who doesn’t believe that love can last forever or eternally we learn from this two expert robots! They found love in a hopeless place, no not actually hopeless because the people are back in the earth so it is now endless.  I feel so happy and jealous for that two because you know I never expected that, I only expect friendship between them or just acquaintance because who knew that robots can fall in love? I should ask siri now or search about Asimo and other robots.

vlcsnap-2015-07-10-11h08m51s393Eve remind how much She and Wall•E love each other.

As I’ve said earlier, Wall-E is another masterpiece of Disney that comes with Values, Lessons and Realizations that can surely hit you because no one is exempted. We all did mistakes towards our Planet; are we just going to wait that all that happened in the movie became real before we make a move? No Right? So WE MUST START NOW.


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