Wall-E’s got a heart (Love Transcends) An Analysis to Andrew Stanton’s Wall-E, Disney’s Robot Hero


Directed by Andrew Stanton and the voices behind of the lead animated characters was Ben Burtt for Wall-E, Elissa Knight as Eve, Jeff Garlin for Captain B, Fred William formerly the CEO of BNL Corporation of the said movie, John Ratzenberger and Kathy Naijing as John and Mary and lastly Sigourney Weaver as the voice of The Axiom’s computer and the other unsaid will be part of history to know it.

The said movie is a 2008 Computer-Animated Science-Fiction comedy film but according to an interview of filmmakers, Wall-E wasn’t supposed to look like an eco-friendly movie like almost half of the population who’ve watched thinked it should be.

Andrew Stanton who wrote and directed Finding Nemo makes sure they would touch the heart of the viewers especially youngsters, also won an Oscar in 2004 for Finding Nemo which I’m sure we won’t forget till we grow old.

It all started to Wall-E which on that moment is 700 years ahead in the future. It is seen that the surroundings was built of massive skyscrapers and covered by trash and half of it is neatly compacted into squares piled on top of one another. He lives in a big junk storage area wherein he gathered things from his scavenging of the garbage and designed them with Christmas lights. Then one day an ordinary day became unordinary, after years he spent dealing scrapped materials he saw a green object inside a fridge (I ask myself why on earth he didn’t saw it thousand years ago and also, regarding about the plant how on earth did the plant survived inside a fridge without getting enough nutrition? Like sunlight or even water?) As I’m saying, so Wall-E’s job is to clean the trash of human kind, to think that he is the only existing robot creature in their kind who survived by years of doing it. A Robot created by B-N-L which is originally means Buy n Large Corporation. The humans was so powerful that they’ve evacuated to a spacecraft habitat called Axiom and was also created by the BNL, In which they spend all their life years by sipping colas, eating unhealthy foods and sitting in a floating high-tech kind-of-a-wheelchair which serves as your home, bed, vehicle in different places you wanted to be, living in the spaceship is controlled by a captain, The captain is the one in charge of the ship, Sunrise and sunset even can turn back time or move forward. On the other side Wall-E is living in a human way, different from the people who are supposed to be liable in the mess they’ve left on earth. Wall-E has his only companion and it is a cockroach and a television where he watches an old video tape of Hello Dolly!.

Another ordinary day started when a white egg-shaped-like robot girl appears, just like Wall-E she has a mission, and her mission is what Wall-E had, She was made to search and look for a possible life in the abandoned planet and if her mission is successful she will be sent back to the spaceship she was assigned to and report it to the captain. Wall-E fell in love with her from the moment he saw her and the courtship is done completely without even a word, disregard when they changed names. Wall-E was trying to convince Eve and just like all the boys we’ve met he wants to impress to show her how he is so sure about her and will do everything to have her. So he showed the plant to Eve, by that point It’s a signal to Eve to get the plant and turn into a Hibernation Mode where it is bound to happen if she will successfully find the object needed. So she went off with a spaceship and it’s wonderful how love can do, Wall-E followed. They went to different kinds of inspection until they’ve reached to the head which is the captain and saw that the plant was gone. Due to eagerness of the good guys it was saved by them and also with the help of human against the traitors which are the robots who doesn’t want to end their job on the ship, they put it in the place where it should be and humans are prepared to go back to the place where they should be. At the end of the story humankind was rebuild, life begin again just like how they woke up every morning in the ship the only difference is they started to understand what is life and what are their obligations and responsibilities that should be done by man.

There are a lot of message being said in the movie and observations took place in me. The team designed a robot with emotions and feelings which is not a common way to make a movie that focuses on reality and the outcomes that might happened. It can be a true to life animated movie, sooner we will no longer be willing to do physical activities or even make a healthy living due to technology and how advance system can change everything in just one click. There is really nothing wrong about CHANGE as long as it’s for the good of everything and everyone why not? Right? It’s always a matter of choice like what I always said. Our choices are the answer to our problems and if there is a problem there must be an answer, but thinking to it are those problem really problems of the society or it’s the outcome of how we treated it before? I mean we live in this country which is part of the world and we obey orders and obey rules, I guess we are the one responsible by all the problems we encountered in life because we are the one who males life complicated in many ways and the blame won’t be from others, at first it’s supposed to be on you on ourselves, we should ask ourselves first if did we really followed and did well or we just cover ourselves up with white lies that we do always.  The movie was pertaining about what the future might be and one good example of overconsumption and overreliance on technology itself. An example of that would be me, I sit in a chair whether it’s made of wood or plastic or a luxurious things but the point is it came from something that nature have right? Imagine how many people sits in a chair in front of a computer just like me? Probably a hundred thousand or even more, so imagine how many tress being cut down or any polluted chemical being done just to have this nice comfortable seats? I felt selfish and still I end up blaming the people who invented stuffs. People multiplies but living organisms are not humans they are nothing like us that has been made, by thousands of years ago Mankind survived by survival of the fittest whereof it means we are the last dime to make the world a better place just like before. Humans can be defined as a useless creature that made the earth uninhabitable place by their own bare hands. The whole point of the advance ship humans where there is a possibility that it can be happened in the future, it will be the future of the society if we allow it to be. It bothers me even more where people rely too much on a chair wherein it allows them to do any task by one touch Voila! Your clothes can be changed in different variations by just one click. It’s been years since I watched this movie, I can still remember how I boast out that the movie was so great that I’ve almost cried, seeing myself now while watching it makes me laugh to myself because of my reactions before. Innocent mind is really simple to diminish. Technology helps lessen the difficulties we experienced in our lives, but in addition we should also remember that we must experience life and learn to figure everything out by our own.


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