“A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing.” An Analysis of Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez’s: The Blair Witch Project.

I always wanted to go out for an adventure. Did you ever ask yourself in a manner like, “Hey. I wanna have fun for a change. I want to go out. I want excitement. Things I never did before to happen. Like now.” If you ever did wander about that, I just wanted to say something that you’ve probably heard before a million times in your life or so. “Adventures are very broad, In a particular manner, You might not know like what you’re up to – going through perhaps, so slow down tiger.”

The Blair Witch Project is a documentary created by three film students who have traveled to Maryland. Heather Donahue, Michael Williams and Joshua Leonard set up to shoot the documentary about the local legend – The Blair Witch, stories about her were told as they travel and ask different people to give their opinions.

The said documentary is about finding out the real identity of the witch that people we’re really curious about since a bunch of years ago. Many said that they were taken, cursed – taken and burned alive.

This scene of the movie made me see the idea of what the movie’s story really lies. In my perception, Why does Heather want to find out about the Blair witch so bad?, what’s in this entity that made her curiosity taken unto action?, was she really looking for the mystery of just one simple witch?.

I believe she was looking for a kind of fulfillment within herself. I strongly agree to the idea that she wants to be the first one to file all of this mysteries and show to all kinds of people that she’s “not just your ordinary” – film student. I mean, pertain to my quote above. We always wanted excitement, we want something new in our lives – always. We hated the presence of dead air or an hour completely wasted on nothingness. Heather is no exception, she even got her comrades to the pursue of getting their equipment complete, along with food, water and tents that we’re for the purpose of camping.

Heather’s mindset is like this. “If I gather the evidences of the Blair Witch, seen her on my documentary and stuff, showed it to the people. Wouldn’t they be amazed?, wouldn’t they be bowing their heads at me for being the first one to actually do it?. Wouldn’t I get amazing things since I actually discovered something new and get recognition and never before seen benefits that only a few of people who lived in the world possessed?.” The answer to that is all yes. Humans by nature are greedy, It’s our character installed within us, she wouldn’t be a hypocrite – and preparing all this stuff to get through what she wants, if she just wants to have fun. Aren’t I right?

Pertaining to my answer to the quote that I did mention before. “Be careful what you wish for – ‘cause you just might get it.” The world revolves in a manner, that we don’t know, we can’t get ahold of everything, yes, we can control our inner character and we can respond properly on how things happen in our lives. But it’s not that easy – I believe that the world is cruel, full of mischief and things that you shouldn’t dare to touch. There are things that we can get in control – But get this hurtful truth. We can’t actually control everything, there are limits, we have to actually respect them and ourselves and move on.

The said documentary, was actually turned into a movie. Because an actual footage of the event was found on 1999. Director and editor, Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez had adopted this footage because, the same old horror-movie kind of thing was actually “boring” them out. They also wanted excitement, They wanted something new in  order for the people to wander on the idea of being lost in the woods with a whole new perspective.

Heather, John and Mike for them we’re “the only actors who did not seem typical – who got the idea what they’re doing and who’s mentally and physically prepared for it.”, even if it means shooting in the woods with no comfort but the presence of safety lies. If you’re asking me to where I got their opinions since I was not living in that time – yet, or I couldn’t get to reach them. I provided a the source that I got here: http://theweek.com/articles/531471/blair-witch-project-oral-history.

Typically. These, low-budgeted filmmakers wanted to scare us with a new idea even if some parts of the movie we’re not good. They wanted to share the idea, that we cannot always stick to idea of one genre then pursuing to write stories – and produced  them, that just goes on and on and on. Thinking outside the box is a great kind of thinking that has been installed to us. I believe that we hold our lives and we should make something amazing about it, but not to the extent of stepping unto other people and not considering their concerns and thoughts at all.

Speaking of inconsideration. Heather didn’t settle for the fact that they did got lost in the woods, she didn’t admit the map used to navigate their way was the one thing that made them lost in the first place. She’s keeping the attitude that she has things under control, that they can find the Blair Witch in a breeze – grabbing the footage and walking away for good.

The dim lights in the woods, her co-filmmakers running out the breath, the need for food, water and a break was a sign that they should stop. It was typically a sign to stop, breathe and relax then continuing on. But the real idea begets to stopping the whole adventure, going back and accepting the whole sorry story that she and her teammates cannot actually do the whole thing. They weren’t the ones who’re meant for creating history. But misfortune and pride occurred. She’d still go on, even if it wasn’t the right thing to do – at.. all.

Pity was one thing I felt for her. I hate the fact that there are people who couldn’t let their pride down and just quit it. If you think that it’s honor and not pride. Then I’m sorry to say another truth into your face right here. It’s actually two different things, Pride won’t get you anywhere at all. Heather can already settle for a good documentary to all the mishaps they’ve been through, she could’ve settled as one of those people who’d actually did something about the blair witch. There will be the “rewards” that you wanted given to you as well – only at a smaller price.

But. Pride ate her, she knew that the things we’re stupid and actually shitty. She’d still settle that “unless there’s no Blair Witch. I ain’t going nowhere but here attitude.” This was what did actually happened to her. The three of them we’re surrounded with these weird formation of plants in a triangular shape which was said to be dangerous because, it’s one the signs of the mishaps.

Let me continue with Honor then. Honor, different to pride is actually the people’s respect for you. The things that you made and actually “helped them.” Their respect and you serving up as inspiration for them and standing to them as a role model is actually what honor is. See? Two different things after all. Too bad, only a few can distinguish that – let me correct – to actually choose to distinguish that.

Their “adventure” wasn’t exactly as good, fun, entertaining, amazing, thrilling as you thought it would be. What happened was – “goo” was actually spilt in John’s things. A different kind of goo, that you wouldn’t find disgusting, scary rather. Then John went missing that night – they were looking all over for him. Morning happened and Heather found his corpse in the morning – well – remains of him we’re – a few organs and a “tongue” was the exact thing that she found.

Finally. The second sign arrived to tell her to actually quit it. But no, she kept this to herself and told Mike that they we’re going to actually look for John and everything will be okay. Well it was Mike’s idea but that’s what she actually wanted to hear and what she decides upon.

Proverbs Ch.11 v 2 says: “When pride comes, there comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”


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