The King of Calculations.. weird right? (An Analysis of Marc Foster’s “Stranger Than Fiction”)

Did you ever wonder being a character on a book or in a movie? Being a lead star for a specific story? Well, trust me Harold Crick didn’t but he was actually one whether he like it or not.

I find this movie very weird at first, but it was quite interesting as the story goes on because Its very unique! A writer writing about someone who is not intended to be real but accidentally knew that the person was true. Exciting right? At first I also thought that he was crazy or he is suffering from a disease but as you reflect the story, you will understand why.


Here are some parts of the movie that gave me a great impact:


1. The way he calculates time and things. 

He is a legend! Harold can multiply 1270 x 250 x 670 (Of course not the exact number on the film) with no calculator or scratch papers; and its not just that! As told by the Author; For 12 years, he will wake up at exact time, brush his teeth with perfect calculations each side (38 as far as I remember?) also his necktie, the bus and all other things are already calculated by Harold, even his lunch and coffee break has an allotted time for it and that made him weird or a legend? I find it very amusing because not all people can care about time; and that is number one all about. Harold can do all the things that he have to do in exact time, I’m not saying that we should do the same but maybe we need to learn about time management and time significance.

We all know the term “Filipino time: right? we don’t give too much value in time and we just became used to it, and that was a very wrong outlook in life, time is very important right? even lunch breaks and coffee breaks have time limit, 15 minutes, 45 minutes; whats important is to follow those allotted time because that can also reflect as a person; how can you be a professional if you can’t follow a simple 15-minute break given? See, that’s the essence of the first part I guess, it may look weird but he get used it and changed it but not in a way that he will not be time conscious anymore, he just made something for his time to be used more significant. You can do it too, am I right? We need to know how to use our time wisely because if just let time pass without doing anything significant, well you are living your life in a wrong way; you better do something about it! Read a book, Discover new things, Travel, have fun with friends and have a deep conversation that can truly make your time memorable. So after reading it, you should stand up in front of the computer or your mobile phone and do something significant! I Dare you.


vlcsnap-2015-07-17-08h37m24s268Harold Crick getting the exact number of utensils and plates.


2. Facing the struggle. Harold Crick became a character on a book that made to kill him. Of course he was threatened and doesn’t know what do but the still find ways to know what and why is this happening to him. He did all the things that can maybe end his suffering but he failed. Then suddenly, he heard the same exact voice that narrates on him on the Television and that gave him a chance to find the Narrator. Lets discuss this one, if you will hear an unfamiliar voice out from no where saying or dictating all the things that you are doing exactly at the moment, what would you feel? It is indeed creepy and weird right? and to add more creepiness, you are the only one hearing it. How was that? So we can’t blame Harold in becoming paranoid in finding ways how to get rid of the Narrator’s voice. We don’t know the exact reason how and why was this happening, even the author doesn’t; but one thing is for sure, Harold learned something from this struggle. Just like what I’ve said earlier, he made his time more significant than usual and that made him feel better.


vlcsnap-2015-07-17-08h40m01s675Harold knowing the he needs to face death.


Change for the better isn’t too late for almost everyone, it becomes late when you are dying because it is the last moments of your life, but do you know what else can you do when that time comes? Apologize. That is the best thing that we can do for all the things that we did if we didn’t sum up in changing ourselves for the better. Lucky Harold, he was able to do all the things right before the book finished that stated his bus accident. He know that he is going to die, thanks to the book. But do you know how hard it is to know that you are going to die anytime soon? It is hard right? But of course because of the life lessons that he is able to convey, he was given another chance not by the author but by our Almighty Savior.

vlcsnap-2015-07-17-08h39m26s258Ms. Pascal and Harold talking on a bus.


3. His Love Interest. Affected by his weirdness because of the “Narrator Narrating on his mind” his mindset changed a little and he became the unusual him. He caught himself just staring the Ms. Pascal (His love interest in the film) He even did something very disappointing when Ms. Pascal gave her cookies and he decided to buy it because according to him, it is not a big deal; knowing that that is not Ms. Pascal’s point. His attitude sucks for doing that, he didn’t even think that It was a token for Ms. Pascal giving him a long tiring day making him suffer. But If you’ve watched the film, you will see that in the later part of the movie; they became lovers. That is what I am going to discuss to you now. So my article about this movie has a love interest again, I don’t know if this will work but then again I will write it anyway.

vlcsnap-2015-07-17-08h40m59s143Karen Eiffel, the Author of the book where Harold is the lead character.


If you are frustrated thinking that no one is gonna love you because of who you are, and you don’t believe in movies, fairy tales and everything about romance anymore; then there is something wrong with you. Why are you going to let yourself suffer? If you know in yourself that you do everything, or maybe you tried, or maybe you are not doing anything yet; why would you stop believing in something that you never had before? I’m pretty sure we all know that we are taking science since grade school right? TOO SEE IS TO BELIEVE. Let me change some part of it, TOO FEEL IS TO BELIEVE. I’m really hoping that you are getting my point, and this isn’t my way of telling everybody to go on, find your match live your life together, no. What I’m telling don’t close the possibilities of feeling that connection that you can felt in time when you are in the right age.

Calculating things isn’t bad, it is just an outlook of being sure in every single thing that you do not just because you want to be on top but because you want yourself to be better, to learn more and to achieve more. That is the most important lessons in life, more than money, love, and everything that exist; the lessons and significance the you learn in every single second of your life that is not wasted but nourished with family, friends and people who can help you reach what you wanted to achieve.

I will leave you one question, if you are going to be a character on a book when you were still alive. What would you feel?


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