The wild BEAST Inside… (An analysis of J.J Abrams’s Super 8)

super 8Science Fiction movies are not an alien to us. Ever since E.T., we are all expose to this kind of story lines. What makes Super 8 unique is the fact that the title of the movie, is somewhat irrelevant to its story. and the story is this:

A bunch of kinds who just want to create a movie, encountered may be the most unforgettable moment of their lives. A massive accident that took place in train station while their filming. It changes their lives and made it intertwined with each other. Joe, the main protagonist is the deputy’s kid and still in grief with the death of his mother. that tragic incident suppose to bring him and his father together but it did not, they show affection and care for each other cause people expect them to.

When it all subsided, they found a local scientist who cause the accident. he warned them to be completely quiet about what happen of they will be killed. frightened and confuse, they hurry back to their car just before anybody could find them.

The train derailed was owned by the U.S. Air Force. it has this weird white rubik’s cube that is evidently part of a bigger and essential experiment. the local authorities are trying their best to know what happened but the Air Force gave them squat. Eventually, weird things start to happen all over the town.Power supply is on and off, Phones aren’t working, dog’s went missing, and the whole car’s engine magically vanish. The Sheriff and a power plant guy went missing.

Joe’s father, eventually find out that the Air Force is using unassigned channels to secretly communicate and heard something about Operation:”walking distance”. He immediately confront the Air Force Commander, Colonel Nelec. But that just got him arrested. Then, Alice, Joe’s friend and have a crush on, was abducted by an unknown creature after a fight with her father.

Next day, the town is being evacuated due to a wild fire created by the Air Force. Joe searched for his father and Alice but to no avail. Then, he found Alice’s father. he told Joe that Alice was taken and is in imminent danger. Joe and his friends, is now on a mission to go back to town and save Alice before its too late. After rescuing the damsel in distress, Joe finally encountered the creature. An Alien experimented on and is on a lock down ever since it crash its ship here on earth. Nelec conducted countless experiments over the years and made sure that the creature would hate all of them and could never be restrained. that was what the scientist is trying to do, his trying to free the creature so it could go home.

The creature driven by hatred, pain and suffering. it couldn’t care less who or what it doing. it’s finally free and will do anything to rebuild his ship again. (that’s the reason all metal things in town are missing). Abruptly, It attacked Joe. But the creature can only communicate through touch, and the moment it touch’s Joe, they understood each other. After releasing Joe, the creature channeled all metal things it can find, and formed it as a ship.

For me, the context of the story is memories. being nostalgic. A memory of a loved one or a victorious soccer game, all those happy memories that a person wants to experience again. In Joe’s point of view, that’s the memories of her mother. wanting her to alive and wishing that the accident never happened. Losing parents is may be the most unbearable feeling any person can endure.

For the creature on the other hand, the feeling of pain. the experiments conducted to it all the years leaves an invisible scar. Each time humans do something painful to it, it retain the pain. that suffering led the creature to promise revenge once it acquire freedom. All it ever wanted from the start is to fix the ship and return to its home.

J.j Abrams is not new to this kind of story lines. What amazing about this movie, is he once again created a genius film about science fiction and still convey the morale of the story. The movie was release in the year 2011 and was warmly welcomed by movie critiques and the fans as well.

Abrams and spielberg brainstormed to arrive with a story for this film. Two genius’s in the field of movies teamed up together to give all of us yet another blockbuster and successful film. who would dare to miss this? Then the fact that Abrams wanted new faces for this movie. Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney made a marvelous job in this. considering the fact that they are both new to movie industry. The movie is also somewhat relevant to “twilight zone” with its drama, suspense, and fantasy content.

A couple of youngsters who just want to create a zombie movie and an alien invasion. A weird combination may be at first but Super 8 have done it marvelously. It tackles not just human struggles but also the things we do for selfish reasons. Colonel Nelec ordered those experiments to acquire knowledge about Alien and the life in outer space, not putting in consideration that the creature also have emotions. Selfishness always put us in a darker path.

Ever since Super 8 was released, movie industry tried to follow it’s context. making sci-fi films and moral lesson every person in this earth can easily relate to. In my perspective, it paved the way of unique thinking that conveying morals and life lesson can now be done through fantasy approach.  Defying expectations is may be Abrams ideal goal, and is may be the very basic reason why Super 8 is created.

Another reason why it is an epic movie is the concept of a movie with another movie in it. The youngsters is making a zombie movie called “the case”. zombie apocalypse is very different kind of conflict as compare to an alien invasion. But they pulled it off. although I spot several differences. “The case” depicts a 70’s approach to zombie apocalypse. Compare to “The Walking dead”, it has a subtle and calm technique in dealing with dead people coming back to life.

The other moral of the story, is bad things always happen. we will get hurt over and over again. we will feel pain, suffering and sorrow. but we must remember that we can do something about it! in order for it to stop and for us to move on, the one thing we can do, but probably the most difficult thing is to forgive. Forgive those people who hurt you and try your best to move on.

This goes to Joe and his father. Joe let go of his mother’s necklace at the end of the movie, a visual symbolism that his finally letting go of the past to face a bright a new future. His father also forgave Louis (Alice’s Father), to what happen to his wife four months prior. Cause the true victim of planting hatred and pain all your life is not the people you hated, it is YOU.


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