Are you willing to risk it all? (An analysis of J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8”)

Super is another sci-fi movie that can give you more than just a good story line, but also with moral lesson and deep understanding. J.J. Abrams is know for this kind of stories and this movie is remarkable, it even give a big break for the lead star and open doors for his career for giving such a great performance in this film.

As I watched the movie, there are some scenes from it that totally moved me; as I said before, I don’t really watch films like this but I must say, Super 8 has this unique style of telling a story that can really capture hearts of the viewers, its not only about destruction or things related to it, its about how to feel and give love too, and as I promised, here are those:

The relationship of the youngsters with each other:

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-09h43m39s159The story started when Joe’s friend, asked him for help in doing his film. Of course Joe said yes not just because they are friends but because he also wants to get involved. The way they interact with each other was very real, well what I mean is that that is the usual kind of youngsters or teenagers now a days, we tend to help each other or do silly and crazy things together. That’s what makes a friendship grow, by being together. Friendship, whats comes up to your mind when you hear that word? For me, the most important ingredient of a good foundation of friendship is being true to each other: because by being true, your friends will adore you and make sure that you will be valuable to them.

The relationship of Joe with his Mom:

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-09h43m21s776Joe, is obviously closer to his mom than his dad. As they reveal that Joe’s Mom were dead; we can see it through Joe’s action that he is so affected by his mom’s death. Almost all of us are afraid of losing our parents specially our Mothers (correct me if i’m wrong), because they are doing everything they can just to give us our needs. In Joe’s case, he doesn’t know where to start; he doesn’t know whats the point of life now without his mom not knowing that he still has a dad. The only problem is that they don’t know how to be with each other emotionally. The necklace was the only memory left for Joe from his mom so he is very protective about the necklace. If this situation happen to us, of course we will do the same; its hard to continue living losing your mother on a very young age, it takes time to begin again and continue life; thanks to Joe’s father, Deputy Officer Lamb for not giving up on his son. It is also hard for him but he needs to be strong for his son; and I’m happy that he did.

The relationship of Joe with his Dad:

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-09h46m39s116As stated in the film, Joe is not that close to his dad; so this became a barrier of they family bond since his mom died. Joe doesn’t want the way his dad treat him I guess, so he is doing things that maybe against what his dad wants. The problem here is they both don’t know how to bind; because maybe they think they are different or they don’t know what to do, but because of all what happened; love became a way for them to have that bond. At the end of the film, we can see that they already reconcile with each other, no more fights; just a fatherly love. At the same moment, Joe gave up the necklace, because the machine has magnet force taking all metals; meaning, he already take away the painful memories about his mom because he finally realized that he still has his father to love, take  care and guide him for his everyday life. The significance of this for me is that no matter what happens, your parents will still be there for you no matter what you do.

Joe’s courage to save Alice:

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-09h46m05s804The main goal here is to finish a film to help a friend, but guess what? It went beyond that, Joe met Alice; the lead star on the film that they are doing, then he fell in love with her. So as the story goes by, when all of this happens until Joe finds out where and what is really behind all of this mess, he saved Alice. What a brave boy isn’t he? Do you see what can love do? I mean not just Joe, but his father and Alice’s father do just to save the people they love? They are willing to sacrifice everything just for them, even Joe for his mom. Its hard to let go and that is one of the struggle that Joe conquered. But still, he surpassed it; by means of what? By means of people who love him and also willing to do anything for him. Each and everyone of us is lucky because we have our parents that are proud of what we do, and will always be there whatever happens to us or whatever we may do.

“Love conquers all, especially fears.” Joe did this right? He conquered fear because he want Alice to be saved. I’m not saying that the only point of showing how you love someone is only risking your life no matter what; my point is its never too late to show and give love to the people who deserve it, simple things to show and give love will do as long as it comes from your heart, a pure love that can set everything right; than even other species can understand. That is the true meaning of love, being able to give and show it genuinely is a huge part of being in love with someone, in your friends and most specially, in your family.

Joe’s courage to find out whats behind the mess:

vlcsnap-2015-07-21-09h44m12s157Joe started became curious when he found out that that scientist that they saw after the train crash is a professor in their school. After that incident, Joe became more curious when he saw an unusual light from an abandoned house in the cemetery near his mom’s. Who would’ve thought that a little boy will be the reason to stop all the mess that’s happening? If I was there, I will just stay on the evacuation center and wait for the knowledgeable people to find out what is really happening. But a little boy, who is not that good in school basically because there was a scene there showing his grade as C- did all of these things. Connecting all the possible clues and facts that can help; he also talked to that specie making a mess in their town and asking him to stop.

Joe has this personality that every child or teenager should acquire, why? because this life isn’t about learning in school or academically; we teenagers are supposed to learn all the things that can make us a better person even if it is outside the four corners of the school. Joe, although he is not doing that well in school, it didn’t became a disadvantage for his ultimate goal, why? because our life is not about intelligence all the time, its about how you react to things and how are you going to come up with a solution even if it is not in the book or something that you have learned. It is important for each and everyone of us to learn inside the classroom but you know whats more important? It is about analyzing and observing the real world that can be a big part of our life as humans. We can do our part too, just give it a try.





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