We’re all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils (An Analysis of Sam Mendes – American Beauty)

Did you ever just stare at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the beauty that you have?. I’m not talking about the foolish type of beauty – that most of us use to look through other people. I’m talking about you – us, everything going around all. I’m digging on the impression of the most beautiful thing God offered to us. As a mission here, in this world. To make it short. I’m talking about one word. Life.

I believe that each and everyone of us are beautiful. We can’t see it. Because, we we’re raised in a society where – one is always above the other. There always has to be losers, winners, whatever. We are beautiful in simply our “existence”. We live out as life. We do tasks in honor to shape up the world and let it evolve into a better place – with us together.

images (2)I’m certain that some of you reading this would flash the words. “Hypocrite.” “Flatterer.” And others things for that matter. Let me tell you – have you lost your minds in the world of judgment?. I cannot blame you for that though. I often judge other people most of the time. But, I don’t make big deals out of it – and as much as possible. I hate condemning people.

Moving on. American Beauty here talks about the life of Lester Burnham who is going through his midlife crisis, and according to the definition – here’s what it says given by our none other than friendly information giving site, Wikipedia.

Midlife crisis is a term first coined by Elliott Jaques referring to a critical phase in human development during the forties to early sixties, based on the character of change points, or periods of transition. The period is said to vary among individuals and between men and women.”

We’ve discussed this back then in our Psychology class and I found out that Midlife Crisis here just has to happen – especially for people who rejected some points in their life that they really want to go through and all. Something was probably stopping them back in their youth. Foolishness. Being Scared and all. I don’t know, there are many reasons to consider.


Lester here is the husband of Carolyn Burnham – a perfectionist, neat freak who wants everything under her control, just beautiful and perfect. I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t happy about the life he’s living. I already got the idea since I was watching the film. He’s pretty much of a guy who just nods so that his wife wouldn’t get angry, outburst or something pathetic that she would do. He hates complications and he got used to living life just like that.

What’s my basis?. You’ll find it pretty funny. My basis is my own life of course. Haha. Funny right?. Okay. This is a bit of a nasty confession to make. But my parents is just like Mr. Lester and Ms. Carolyn Burnham, not that very same – of course the job descriptions are different. But the fact that my father has to go through all of this sacrifice and understanding – same with what Lester has been through in the movie, as to what most girls say, the definition of a perfect gentleman. Well. I’m contradicting you sweeties. BUT NO. That is not being a total gentleman at all. That is a man who’s 10 – 20 – 30%?. I don’t know who has control over his life and family and the females take all the rest of them.

Let’s make this misunderstanding all clear (in case any had happen in my course of explaining.) But. I’m not a sexist as you would claim my sentences to be. I’m not against feminism – well maybe I am. But. I’m more of a equal person. When I say equal. I definitely mean everybody equal. Not just the weak little girls who always scream for help and depend against men themselves – to which they call monsters. And I’m not just protecting guys either. I’M CALLING FOR REAL EQUALITY. When I say real. I mean really – real. Even the Nigerians who’re really condemned. I’m considering everyone here. Even though I condemn them too – sometimes, and cannot stand most of their behavior. I just hate the fact that when they say, hurting – suffering – dying inside. It’s just women. BUT NO – again. Everybody hurts. Even the so called “beautiful people” get hurt and abused.

I’m trying to refrain from drama’s and sermons here. So bear with me if I continue with anything involving to it, which would make it too much.


So yeah. Since I can relate to Jane here. I’m pretty much falling under her classification. I’d also experience to have this “friend” who has so much boys in her life and tells all kinds of stories about it. I did get to the point where I grew out of her. Like WOAH. OKAY. JUST STOP. I also hate my parents’ way of living. I don’t find “perfection” and “pleasing everyone.” a matter of behavior to stick with my attitude. Well. I did used to. But not anymore. People just grow up and change.

Wes Bentley has  a very interesting character he played the role for Ricky Fitts. He’s filming all kinds of “beautiful.” stuff – as in his own definition and Jane – is one of those things that picked his interests, at first you would seem to classify him as this ordinary introvert who does have an eye for Jane and probably jerks of her videos or something – to which he is secretly that creepy pervert roaming around.

images (1)

What changed the pace of the movie was him turning out be – well he is an introvert as we claim him to be – but, he’s totally not a pervert. He’s a gentleman who’s been pressured to follow the rules of his soldier dad – Frank Fitts who builds him up as the man he wants him to be. So. See, Men are hurt too – that’s why they turn into the monsters as most women claim them to be.

Every monster we encountered in life has been probably hurt in some sort of ways we couldn’t imagine or shocked to find out that had been happened to them. Every bully was also a victim – or owns another bully themselves.

Making this brief. The movie is all about everyone’s imperfections.  Lester – to  using his brain to outsmart people in his own happiness and resorting to drugs. Carolyn – for being that perfection striving mother so that society would always look at them pleased. Jane – for rebelling against her parents and not reaching out about it. Angela – for being this girl who just wants to get fucked off by billions of men in order to claim that she’s really a babe and all. Ricky – for not telling his father that he can’t be that perfect of a son and gentleman as he wants it to be. Frank – for being that father who tortured Ricky so much mentally just because he’s that much clingy to the title of being a soldier and Buddy – for replacing Lester’s job when it comes to making her wife happy and all – to which he doesn’t deserve.

American Beauty to what is the real reason the title has been placed that way?. Jane ? the rebelling emo-punk girl that most would look up to. Angela? That babe who can tell many that she’s been fucked by many even if she was lying at all? Carolyn’s strive for perfection? Lester standing up as a man and taking over? Buddy’s way of being a third party towards sex with Carolyn and his affection? Ricky’s obeying his father, – but having that love for beautiful things – as he thinks it would be? Frank’s territorial commanding way of living as a dad?

Calling this crazy and fucked up. Most of us – speak for ourselves. Rebellion. Sex. Perfection Striving – is already considered beautiful for most – especially Americans. This is my own interpretation I don’t know if you believe it or nah. But here – by watching this movie, it’s like America was speaking to me.

Yes we find the top three things we mention beautiful, most of our musicians and people agree to this that’s why they create songs, pieces out of this – It’s how we simply enjoy and view life. We’re not perfect just as some people claim us to be. But this is our way of living. This is the American Beauty – we have wrongdoings and all but people here are open to changing them/staying as it is? – as long as it creates order.


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