“Jack.. I Swear.” An analysis of Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Moutain”

This Movie might be sensitive because not all people can appreciate the story and the plot. But I swear, this can give you a lesson or it can open your mind in understanding the boundaries of love. Being a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (and all other) isn’t a choice; maybe because this is also a part of our world more than being a Man and a Woman. Did you ever think that they choose this gender knowing that they will be judged? Of course no right?

In our reality now, I know many of us or should I say almost all of us judge people without knowing the different side of every single person’s story. Its easy for us to judge but its hard for us to accept, and I don’t know why either.

As I watch this movie, I find it very sensitive of course; because like what I’ve said earlier, this is the kind of movie that cannot be appreciated by all of us. But because I have no problem with this kind of relationships or what-so-ever.(Well, I do respect them when they are worthy to get respect. Life is so short to judge and judge people over and over again so why not respect them?)

Apart of respecting and showing this kind of relationship, I just noticed some decisions that would be better if it isn’t done. They tried to be with someone without they full commitment. Ennis and Jack married their wives thinking that maybe if they do that, everything will change but why is that they saw each other again, they can’t help it but to feel the love once more?

Well We can’t blame them for doing that, why? Because they don’t wanna be judged for doing such thing that makes them happy. Hard right? Put yourself in their position, are you going to risk it all for your happiness? Or you will think of the people around you first before yourself? Well, Its up to you.

Here are some parts of the movie that I remembered and gave an impact to me:


Ennis and Jack’s Love Interest

I’m pretty sure its unusual to them and to their era either but who cares? They felt the same way so whom we are to judge? But of course this isn’t a fairy tale world so we will still judge them right? So they did everything to hide what they have for 20 years. Look at that! 20 Years, they even got married and continue seeing each other as fishing buddies for that long period of time. Isn’t that hard? Just being afraid of what people are going to say, they can’t live the life that they want to. They are so scared of what others are going to do when they found out whats up with them.

My only concern now is their wives, Ennis’ daughters and Jack’s son. What would they feel after all of this? If I where in their son or daughters position, I will try my very best to understand but of course it will be hard to specially when I have an innocent mind by that time. Well, if I where in that position, I would ask myself if did he became a good Father to me? Did he never let me suffer or did he protect me? If my answer would be yes then who am I to stop the happiness of my father who have been good to me?

If that is his happiness, I will let him.. Of course my Mom will understand but not that fast Like what Am I too. How about you? If you were put in that position, what would you do?

Their Setup

Well obviously, they are seeing each other once or twice every four years or yearly? I am not sure but whatever it is, even in a Girl and Boy relationship; that would be hard. Harder in their case because it is a secret, they can’t just express their love for each other, they need to make sure that no one will see them for their family’s sake and for everyone’s sake. I don’t have to explain whats wrong with the society because I am not exempting my self to it, because I am a part of it.


Ennis’ Wife

She is the first one who knew about Ennis and Jack’s relationship. But instead of confronting them or her husband alone, she kept her mouth shut and continue observing through the years. Until one day, she decided to have a divorce. No one can blame her for doing this, why? She is just a person that has feelings and feels pain. Being betrayed is one of the main reasons of pain; I repeat, no one is guilty nor someone’s fault. She just ended their marriage because she wants to continue living and finally forget the miserable thing that has happened to her. I admire her for being a good person despite of all that has happened.


Jack’s Parents

I admire them for being understanding ones like what parents should be when their child is not a normal man or a woman. Instead of being mad, they just accepted the truth of what happened not just because Jack is already dead but because they want their son to be happy whenever he is. Besides, Jack did everything for his family and he never did anything bad so why would his parents take this chance on him to know everything about their relationship of Ennis. Jack’s parents let Ennis go to his bedroom to find something significant that may have a sentimental values for Ennis to take with him and he found his clothes that he thought was missing; it was took by Jack because for him it was memorable.


Their Personality (Jack and Ennis)

The mindset of thinking others first before yourself. On our world now, this isn’t common. But I will exempt myself again because I can do the same. I always think of others sake before mine even in the smallest things. I can cross a road for the people that is important for me but sometimes they can’t even cross a street for you. This personality is very admirable because you can sacrifice your own happiness just because you don’t want to hurt the people you love. Isn’t that good? Being away is their only solution to feel happiness and even in that situation, they still manage to think of what others are gonna say; they are bothered almost all the time thinking on how and why. Did you ever feel the same? Don’t be guilty. Its fine because giving and receiving isn’t just a two way process, you can give even without asking for a return.

I was amazed by how the story was made and it was truly an honor for me to watch a film like this. Its not the usual as I’ve said but we can learn something out from it. We can interpret this movie and all other movies differently but trust me, whatever it may is. This can give you an impact that you can never imagine. Straight, Gay, Bisexual, or any gender you have; you are a part of this. Because even though what is your gender, you feel pain, love and experience being judged and criticize other people.

You don’t have to feel guilty or anything, because at the end of the day. You can still reflect yourself on all the things that you did and all the words you said to others. Being yourself is enough, just don’t mind the hates. Just know that you are not having a conflict to anyone, value those people who love you and use those criticisms to change your mindset and start having a better world.


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