Another Woman In Love ( film Analysis of the movie PRETTY WOMAN)


“Love moves in mysterious ways”, this line is very cliché yet applicable in the movie that I’m going to critic, it’s the “Pretty Woman” wherein Vivien Ward (Julia Roberts) was a prostitute in Los Angeles and there he met a businessman played by Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) who is an arrogant but alone man who needs company to the elite parties and to the deal that he is going to work out and because he recently just broke up with his girlfriend. After the night of their breakup, Edward decided to take a drive and unfortunately got lost, and then he met a Vivian and asks her to escort him to the hotel.
The story continued as Edward offered Vivien to act as his girlfriend for a week so she can accompany him to the parties. He then changed Vivien image from a prostitute to an educated and proper woman. Then, Vivien learned the do’s and don’ts on how becoming an elite woman that will suit the event that they are going to attend.  Like other couples, they would go on a date and expressed some sweet gestures just to make their act as it was true. But, Vivien didn’t know that deep inside he is falling in love with Edward.
Like any other story, they had conflicts that almost made them hate each other but with the help of the love in their hearts, they found a way that will eventually lead them to each other once again. Suddenly, they realized that they wouldn’t be happy if they left each other. So, like other stories, they end up kissing each other and end up with their own happy ending.


This movie is a classic that will make us smile once we watch this and we would feel once again what it’s like to love and be loved again. The story changed the two characters in the end, because of love, they encouraged themselves to be a better person and change for the better.
It is not ordinary to watch a love story like this but because it shows two different people with two different statuses in life but collided somehow nobody could explain it because it is fate that brought them together and somehow it has a possible reason why this happened. Two people are struck together to fulfil the space in the heart of that person and to be happy. Maybe it’s fate that helped them to be with each other and to be better for the future. They have to let go of their past and accept the mishaps that happened in their life.
This movie is also about trusting each other and not judging each other just because of her/his career. Remember that each one of us has a reason for becoming that kind of person. Experiences made us into the person that we didn’t want to be. In this movie, they took time to know themselves and how terrible they were but ending up like nothing happened and suddenly they respect what they are doing and accept the fact that they have to face the future together.
Even if the setting is made in the 80’s I can still appreciate the beauty of Vivien because it is authentic and worthy to the label, Pretty Woman. But not only is she pretty on the outside but also in the inside. Vivien is a charming lady who is just like every woman. She wants to live in her won fairy tale met her prince charming and fall in love with him. She dreamt of meeting her knight and shining armour but never did she saw him coming until they found each other and realized that it was the story that she would like to happen.
For Edward, he is and adorable man who seems to be lonely because of his recent breakup, having all the wealth in the world, he felt empty and lonely. Until she met Vivien who mend his broken heart. He also didn’t expect that he would fall in love with Vivien because he knows that he wants only woman who are educated and classy, but he didn’t able to resist as the fate brought them together.

3     4

Watching the movie feels so right because you fall inlove with the story and assume that it is not impossible to have this kind of lovestory and maybe dream with your own prince charming. I remember watching this left me hanging because it was just so heart felting and romantic.
The movie never gets old as it touches the teenagers heart and telling them to be just yourself and if the right man comes in your life, you have to accept him no matter what and let go of the past that preventing you from loving him. Choose what your heart desires, nothing beats the choice of the heart. It is so hard to battle your heart because you wouldn’t be truly happy if you wouldn’t listen to your heart.
Sometimes, money can’t buy happiness and love because it is the most precious gift that you could ask for. You may have the luxurious life but then unhappy and alone. Maybe it’s time to find that person who will fill in the space in your heart. You just have to trust the fate and God to bring to you the person who will be changing your life.
I’d also like to point out that as Richard Gere at the time was one of the most succesful sex symbols, and as our progtagonist of this film, it was funny how they turned it into some kind of innocent movie, it was also funny how they met, and it would be hard to believe that a heartbroken man would go around looking for directions instead of looking for sex as he should be, so he hired her to guide him to a place to stay, and because he noticed how she knew a lot about cars, for some reason he got interested, now, he takes her with him, not for sex of course, so it’s funny, cause, this was Richard Gere.
But I have to say, that its kind of cute, how they initially talk of business and are quite comfortable with eachother, maybe because their lives made them alike, also alike in their own cynical fashion, so it was pretty heartwarming how they managed to cross the barriers by their unintended romantic affair, after all, how would they get together if they don’t even trust their feelings. On a note of cynicism, our male protagonist here has some kind of plot to take over some other guy’s business, even when he actually likes the guy. This says something about the world of business doesn’t it, self comes first, yes but, this is unique in a way that it’s pretty heartwarming despite having our two main characters being realists.
The values of this movie still applies today, you have to open your eyes to all the possibilities you may face and accept the fact that change is inevitable and learn to love yourself and learn from all your mistakes.
As I end this review, I would like to quote a line from the movie: “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ — this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin.”
This quote says a lot. It explains why you should dream and wait until your dream has started. Dreams are the most wonderful part of life. You have the privilege to do unlimited dreaming and no one can stop that. Everyone should not lose hope. Don’t be afraid to dream because it is where you plan your life. The movie was also telling a story to keep holding to your dream, you’ll never know what God can grant from your wishes.


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