There’s no other place like home(An analysis of Andrew Stanton’s Wall E)


When Earth, was filled with junks and garbage that even plant cannot survive humans decided to live in a spaceship (axiom) for just only five years. So, while they were in outer space they invented cleaning machine that will take charge for a while to clean up all the mess that they did. These are the Wall E’s but people did not notice time as they’ve enjoyed relying on technologies for 700 years. Until there is only one Wall E left. Still, Wall E continue his works. In morning, he collects all the garbage and debris and built it into mountainous piles. When he find something interesting he keep it and use it as a decoration in his house. In evening, he watches an old VHS Holy Dolly. From there, Wall E started to dream of having fall in love. These things was become Wall E’s daily routine and he shares this with his friend, the cockroach. Until one day while he was cleaning the entire place that full of garbage he accidentally found a plant. Though he doesn’t know anything about it, he still keeps it. Then the next day, one spaceship land on earth,  that carries another robot. And this is Eve. Eve was tasked to find the small plant. Then as days passed by, Wall E fall in love with Eve. He imagined that he is holding Eve hands just like what he always watched on VHS. He had a hope that someday he can hold the hands of Eve. So Wall E tried his best to become friends with Eve. And when they become friends, he accidentally gave the plant to Eve. When Eve saw it, she automatically shut down. Then after a few days, the spaceship returns to earth to pick up Eve. Wall E was still confused on what is happening, and worried also to Eve. So he decided to follow and take a ride to outer space. When they land on Axiom, Wall E sees humans for the very first time. He also saw their lifestyle and how they rely on Technologies. This will be the starting point of their adventures. Yes. Eve finally fall in love to Wall E and in the end they help humans to get back in their own planet, Earth.

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Wall-E was produced by Disney and Pixar Animation Studio Production. It was a 2008 animated film directed by Andrew Stanton. The movie attracts not only kids but also all ages. Though it is a cartoon movie, it has a deeper meaning in different scenes and Andrew Stanton make sure that after watching this movie, you will learn lessons that will leave a mark in your heart. This was my feeling after watching the movie.
At the first part of the film, it was obviously opposite on what we always seen in many movies. Earth was so very polluted, no trees, plants, animals and humans instead they were lot of garbage, trash, buildings metals and instead of human there is a Robot. From this moment, I already asked myself, where are the Humans? the real owner of Earth? What happened on this planet? and why there are one Robot left? While I have questions on my mind, I had a thought, that maybe this can be possibly happened on our earth if we keep messing up and still not taking care enough God’s creations. At this point Andrew already gave a reminder that Earth is a gift from God. That we humans must take the responsibility of taking care of it.
While I’m watching the everyday routine of Wall E living alone, I learned that Wall-E’s actually not alone. He still has a friend  he can hold on to. Which is the cockroach. Though they don’t have similar appearances but still they comfort and entertain each other. Then, I realized that half of us today thought that they were alone in life, facing challenges and struggles alone thinking that their life was full of mess. But Wall E shown to us, that giving up is not a solution. His not bored in his every day routine in fact he entertain himself by the things he found in the trash area and watching VHS at night, and when he works, he doesn’t just work but he enjoys what he is doing. Wall E reminds us that even though there are lot of circumstances that were facing, we must have a positive outlook in life. He also shows there a lot of beautiful things that you can use as inspiration. Like the Holy Dolly he used to watch.
When Eve entered the scene, at first I ignored her role. I thought that she was just a robot and nothing to deal with, but I was wrong. She made a very impact in Wall E’s life, she changes Wall-E’s daily routines and made Wall-E fall in love with her. With this I remembered the name Eve. The character in the Bible. The movie has also same setting from the book. In Genesis, Adam was the first man God Created, then God notice that Adam was alone, so He created Eve by Adams features. In this movie, Eve was also a robot, and she came on earth by the time when Wall-E starting to dreams of having a hand to hold.
The love thingy between Wall E and Eve are my most favorite part of the film. I could say that one of the reason why I enjoyed watching the movie is because of their romantic moments. And last, even though they are lot of struggles and conflicts in the movie, Andrew still tend to tell us that love is the most precious gift from God and important thing here on earth, and Love will still prevails no matter what happened.
Truly, technology helps us to have convenient life, make our life easier and help us in lot of things. But Andrew Stanton tells us that too much dependence on technology is no longer good. Andrew shows to us the possible consequences we will have if we continue relying our whole life in technology. Through this movie I had a realization that what if someday humans will be the robots who always follow in technologies and robots now will be the humans who will rule over in the human kind.

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