” A man of order” – Johanna Paula Navarro’s analysis of Marc Foster’s ‘Stranger than Fiction’

Harold Crick, is a strange type of man who wakes up with the same routine everyday. He brushes his teeth with a definite amount of strokes, wears expertly pressed suit, and tie his tie in a certain way everyday. In every week day for twelve years his life is repetitive and all things is in good order. He manifest orderly and dedicated to his work as an auditor for Internal Revenue Service. Stranger than Fiction revolves around a man, his wrist watch, a girl who inspired him and a story writer. Harold Crick life is calculated and every action he makes is determined by his wrist watch and used it to times everything. His watch seems to seize greater powers in guiding him on his life and he relied on it. His life is so boring where each thing bear infinite numbers and endless calculations, when he begins to hear a woman’s voice who is continuously narrating about his actual doings. He also lost his thoughts and ideas, becomes uncomfortable, and he can’t concentrate to the things he wants to do. The narrating voice of a woman he hears everywhere he goes is a well-known author about tragedy and death, Karen Eiffel. Even though he hear the voice he cannot communicate with it. He was so scared and search for Jules Hilbert a literature professor in a university they try to determine what is happening and which story narrates about him is a comedy or a tragedy. When he unintentionally sees Karen Eifel in a television, he tries to meet her and ask her about his death. He found out that he’s the main character of what Karen Eifel’s writing about. Karen’s successful outline about Harold’s death does not result to his imminent death because it was not typed written yet — making it reversible. Harold is not dead, but he’s in a serious bone fracture in his head, legs and arm.
Life of Harold has more focus on numbers as opposing to emotions. He forget to live his life and try new things. For him the important thing he have is his wrist watch and his work. He sees the world as a invariable structure of life and let his wrist watch control him. Harold gives too much importance to time like other people does, that they forgot to pause for a while to appreciate the things they have and the true essence of life. But it should not be like that, our lives should not be run by time. Hence, we should be the one to run our lives. Doing something because it is necessary is not worth living, your’e just letting your life to be doomed. Pushing out what you really want to do and wasting your time in accomplishing things that does not make you happy is a foolish plan. Time is limited, what if tomorrow your’e dead? And realize the time you have wasted. Everything you want to experience, to feel and see can happen only once and it only happen within the time you are given. We identify things not because we appreciate them but because it has its name. Like the cookie where Ana Pascal baked Harold a batch of cookies but he rejected it. In this cookie it symbolizes a realization that our life is about more than facts. In this scene Harold noticed that his life is not that complete as he knows, there some things that he never yet experience. His mother never bake him a cookie and the cookies he ever had bought by stores which is not as good as Ana’s cookies and after he taste it he then realize that he likes it. While he is busy tasting the cookie, Ana is smiling as she watches him. It is not just a cookie but it has a story behinds it, wherein Ana chose to bake than to finish her studies. It is easy for her to choose because she felt that on baking she was happy, it is her passion and she’s glad that she can please people through the cookies she baked. 
Life has it’s own reason why we are here and why God put us in this kind of situation, we live not only because where here to multiply but to live our life, cherish the moments and be thankful in all things that we have right now. To help each other, to love one another and sacrifice life to save another’s life. At first, Harold is scared to die so he confronts Karen Eifel and Jules Hilbert for an advice. He beg Karen not to kill him and ask for Jule’s opinion on the way of his death. He decides to read the manuscript of Karen and decide not to change it –”I read it. And I loved it. And there’s only one way it can end. It ends with me dying”.The last part of the movie shown how Harold understand the meaning of life. He proves that when he accept his death via bus, he can save the life of a young boy through the timing of his watch. Harold’s life is full of sadness, and lack of experience doing fun things. He does not enjoy his life, but he has a unique wrist watch, he met Ana and become a main character of a novel that turn his life into something new, eccentric life that lead him to begin a new chapter, another chance to complete the missing part of his life. To appreciate and enjoy life. We appreciate life when we ran out of time, which is wrong. 
The nature of people is relative to each other according to its certain similarities and differences. Similarities which is the positive and differences are the negatives. No one is perfect, we have that what we called the positive and negative sides. Positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative. Harold Crick negative sides are being repetitive, boring, lacking in variety and interest. Every single day of his life was calculated and depend it on his wrist watch. And the positive sides, he overcome his negativity. He cherished the moments with Ana, they watched movies, he can now play guitars, eat cookies all those thing he does not experience before, he’s doing it now. The negative view on his life is gone, and monopolize with positive outlook of life, when he choose to die and save another life. Karen Eifel negatives sides, she’s addicted with smokes, a story writer who use his full imagination on how she killed her main character in the story. And the positives sides of her is, she can kill a main character in her story but not in real life. Ana Pascal negatives sides is the way she spoke with Harold Crick in their first met and how she treated him in different way, Ana file his taxes mixed together in a box. But later on, she feels guilty and bake Harold’s a cookies. And they begin liking each other. Penny Escher negatives sides, she does not believe in Karen Eifel where imagination can mix with the real life. But even she does not believe on Eifel’s belief, she still there to help Karen finish his novel. Yes we’re not always at the positive sides but we can overcome the negative into positive. Our world is coated with imaginations, stories from novel, comics, story books and movies. But it is strange because we can only calculate its value but nobody knows when this world began and how strange is that.

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