“Find your purpose and live with it “– Johanna Paula Navarro’s analysis of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo


Hugo is dissimilar with the other film it has a sophisticated story yet a good one that can take you away and witness that film has a power to capture a dream. Hugo is the name of a 12 year-old hero boy who’s had a sad life acted by As a Butterfield. In the film Hugo it also shows how a director, scriptwriter, producer, actor and a film historian attainable to act by one person and it was portrayed by the actor Ben Kingsley who played the role of George Melies. Mr. Melies was a french illusionist and a famous filmmaker who’s leading on many technical and narrative developments in the primitive days of cinema. The film Hugo was directed by Martin Scorsese’s and inspired by his own story. His fashion for cinema is indisputable where all the list of his films is brimming with titles that not only indicating cinema of the past but push the progress of modern cinema. Scorsese’s capability to look passionately to the past and elated approaching the future is more depict by his works like restoring and preserving older films. In this film you will know how movies was made and all the people worked on the film.

The story of Hugo is possibly the closest to Mr. Scorsese’s heart. Hugo Cabret trained himself in the structure of artistic mechanism. He learned to fix clocks and other gadgets from his father and their bonding is fixing the automaton. When his father died in explosion he suddenly lives in the wall of busy Paris train station wherein his uncle is in charge of the clocks keeping the train station clocks running. Hugo can view all the happenings outside the train station without recognizable by anyone outside of the said place. Managing the clocks at the train station is not easy for his young age but this job help him to find a solution and a lot time to fix the automaton because his father’s dream is to complete an automated man he found in the museum but he did not finished it, and that’s why Hugo push to fix up the automaton to pursue his father’s dream and to find out what this thing longing to convey.

Hugo is scared to be catch by Sacha Baron Cohen the station inspector in the film because the inspector will send him to the orphanage. He hides himself in the maze of ladders, catwalks, passages and gears of the clockworks and survive himself with croissants bread he snatched from the station shops. But his life begun to be more complicated when he met Mr. George Melies played by Ben Kingsley the grand father of Isabelle who played by Chloe Grace Moretz, she’s a strange girl and loves to determine secrets. Isabelle becomes Hugo’s friend and she have the most important thing what Hugo needs to make the automaton move, a key to unlock the secret he believe it contains after started the unclear drawing till to the revelations of precious secrets of Mr. George Melies

The black notebook of Hugo’s has the information on how the automaton can be fixed it was filled with hand-drawn mechanical diagrams, and sketches and a flip book animation, the automaton is a kind of mechanical figures that made out of very complicated clockworks and it can do amazing things like sing or dance, white poems, play chess, but in the film Hugo used to draw a recondite images. A stolen key he taken by Mr. Melies serves as a way to open the past. The automaton symbolizes humanity that has been damaged like Mr. Melies he surrender and forget his passion by the war but also the hope is always there, if yesterday is not that satisfying then start again and make it more better.

Hugo maintains a collection of clocks all around the train station and they are all ticking several times that reverberate all over the train station. These clocks symbolize the old and the modern times. The constant shots of clocks and its ticking sound arouse the period of change and progress between two World Wars and the clock witnessed the old and the modern happenings. They witnessed the times when Mr. Melies become famous trough his films. His creative ideas in the use of special effects made him the first filmmakers to use multiple exposures and can manipulate the audience, amazed them that he can transform reality through cinematography. He also identified as the first cinemagician but because of the World Wars, everything he worked hard for is gone. The interest of the people to watch films was vanish because of that incident his passion in doing films has been forgotten. But Hugo enlightened him and made him realize that happy endings only happen in the movies.

“I’d imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I could not be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason too.” – Hugo Cabret.

Every one of us has its own purpose in life even machines and other things. People are connected with each other like Hugo and Isabelle, Hugo is in the process of depression where he wants to fulfil his father’s dream which he needs to fix it but even he done fixing it, it still not functioning because he does not have the key. That is why he met Isabelle, and she have what Hugo needs. People come and go in our life some of them are bearing good memories and others are bad memories that made us learned and apply it to other people to let them learn. Our purpose in life is to appreciate life, and do what makes you happy.

Everything is important, all things has its own corresponding value. Happiness will be found after knowing what our purpose is, that will lead the way and make things simple to us. One dream can change everything, it depends on our dream how far we need to exert effort just to fulfil it, Hugo’s dream is eternal it can last forever in his heart.


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