The Blind Village — an analysis about Mr. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”.

the-village-main-reviewThe Village has this kind of twist that no one would have been predicted. Directed by Mr. Night Shyamalan, he was once again successful in bringing a movie into a whole different level of telling a story.

Starring  Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Adrian Brody, the film is about a Village lived by people who isolate themselves to the City because they have this frightened knowledge that there are beasts residing on the forest ( the only passage to the City). Lucious, a heartthrob on the village, is always curious about what’s really out there. Due to his father’s sickness, he asked the permission of the tribunal (the elderlies) to let him go into the town to get medicines. But they won’t let him. Even so, Lucious continued his way to the forest, but there were no medicines found. After his going to the forest, Monsters constantly visit the Village which brought more fear to the community. The growing closeness of Lucious and  Ivey (his secret love interest) brought Lucious’ life in to risk after Ive’s best friend Noah, stabbed him multiple times because of jealousy. Ivey’s love for Lucious led her to deciding of going to the forest in hope of  finding medicines. Ivey’s father, who was always out of favor in this idea, gave his support to  Ivey. Without his co-tribunal’s knowledge, he let Ivey go and even gave her tips for survival. On the otherhand, Noah got escaped from the detention room. Not being able to see the identity of the said monster, Ivey successfuly killed it — who  turned out to be Noah. Ivey reached the end of the forest. Oblivious of the tall barier, she reached the other side of the forest. Not knowing where she have headed, a police officer was screened in the movie wearing this modern style of clothes. It revealed that all those times, there has been a modernized place on the other side of their village. He gave Ivey his first-aid kit and she went back to their Village without knowing where she’s has just been to.

Though it has been revealed that Shyamalan’s inspiration in this movie are the people living in the 1800’s, describing their mental state of ignorance and their concept of easily believing to things — one idea can deeply conceived, the idea of social and political aspects. The distance between the villagers and the police office living at the other side symbolizes the length of time that the people has been deceived and beset with false beliefs by their tribunals, acting like other  government leaders and officials. The people in the village signifies the citizens of the country —  tanked with lies. Ivy’s blindness constitutes the people’s eyes being closed about the underlying truth. They easily believe about things without having to see strong evidences. Their blindness towards the truth kept them captivated for a long time The locked boxes which were not allowed to be opened by the commoners, were like locked-in secrets of truth and reality. Most politicians, despite of their clean credibility to the people, has a bunch of dirty dark secrets hidden to the people. The Tribunals are the government leaders who decides for their own selfish intent of keeping the people of their control. They keep their people blind so that they can easily manipulate them to everything they say. “Money is a wicked thing. It can turn men’s hearts black…” said Mr. Walker while explaining to the Villagers. But why did they let the villagers suffer from sickness and death? Is they more wicked than of the money? At the first scene of the movie, a man’s burial was flashed. His death was not because of money, but because of the tribunals who chose to stay away from the town and let the villagers die. Lucious, on the other hand, are the media practitioners;  observant, who never stop thriving of seeking for the truth, despite of the freightful news spreading about the possible consequences. Being controlled by the Government, the villagers except Lucious never tried to asked and investigate of what’s between the lines. As color red being associated to evil, it appears to be the evil ways of the politicians to grab their people’s attention and trust to them. Just like how the tribunals acted like they were innocent from the struggles they themselves  created to avoid the commoners walk away from the village. Some politicians uses their power to hire specific groups of persons to burn squaters-areas. After breaking the hearts of the people and after taking away their life from them, politicians would then get the sympathy of the people by providing shelters and foods and giving them promises that will soon be forgotten.

As Shyamalan tapping the essence of “innocence”, would ignorance make a good argument about innocence? Does it make a person innocent if he knows nothing? Was that all the criteria is about? Noah stabbed Lucious several times in his body. Is his mental condition excuse him from causing injury to other people? Is he still considered innocent? In the Constitution, ignorance is not an excuse. A person must continue to grow and learn for as long as he lives.

There are two different feminist approach shown by Ivey’s heroic act and Kitty’s(her sister) admission of deep admiration to Lucious towards Lucious may look funny, but it has effect on how people see women. That scene, when interpreted in conservative countries will gain criticisms for sure. Because they have huge expectations for girls to behave like the old way women live. This movie stressed this “Maria Clara” model, when they made Kitty look like an idiot after what she’s done. Unlike most fairy tale movies, The Village takes a different  approach on “the knight and shining armor doing everything to save the princess”  perspective. Because this time, it’s the other way around. While Cinderella was waiting for her Prince Charming to save her from her wicked step-mother, Ivy was on the forest doing risky move to save Lucious from complete death. It says that women can do equal things like men. Even though she was left behind by two young men who was intended to be her protector, considering that she’s blind, she still continued her mission.Although one might clearly argue about Ivey’s blindness. Because she did recognized the color red that Noah was holding when they’re with Lucious. How can a blind person recognize such color? It can’t be explained by considering his other senses because she did not even smell those red beads.

Little did Ivy know that she has just learned a secret that has kept them on an isolated village for a long time. But because of her blindness, she went back to the village knowing nothing… but the fact that she has the medicine that Lucious needs and that she captured the beast on the forest. What does keep people blind anyway? It’s because their not observant. They stop learning on the process. They stop seeking new discoveries that can result to a better life.

Though this movie hasn’t failed with surprises, it was not too sensitive about the tiny details that makes a viewer realize that he’s just watching a movie which droves him back to reality.


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