The Unseen Reality: The Village – Johanna Paula Navarro’s analysis about Mr. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”


The Village is an extraordinarily great movie with a good twist. Mr. Night Shyamalan directed this movie because he wanted to write about innocence and he was setting the pretended village in the 1800’s because in that time people is ignorant and innocent. This film was released July 30, 2004. The story opens with a funeral attended by all villagers and followed by an outdoor meal. Everyone in the village does everything together and live cheerful but when night comes all villagers are getting ready and assigned one person to watchtowers to guard the village. The marvelous violin orchestra that plays before the story opens is a mournful song which spread throughout the soundtrack of the film which somehow conveys panic and uncertainty at times a haunting calmness. The village is surrounded by forest they were haunted by the death of its own members to disease and they believe that there is a unkind creatures who dress in red and have claws like a slender woody stem of a tree. Their continues beliefs about that creature is putting them into risk. Lucius wants to go to the neighboring towns to seek some medicines that would improve the villagers and he believes that his good intentions will provide him the extreme anger of the creatures but his mother stopped him and the elders refuse to grant him a permission. Noah is in love with Ivy who’s engaged with Lucius and because of the jealousy of Noah he stabs Lucius. And this is the reason why Ivy decided to route the way in to forest with a consent of his father, Ivy is a blind girl and after her journey through the woods she got the necessary medicine from the town and Lucius healed.

The movie opens with the scene of an elder burying his child. They are very scared to cross into the forest and let the people died into severe illness. Later on the movie reveals that the elders moved to a village to escape the pain. The reason why they escape from the town because money is a wicked thing that can turn a good man into a bad one. That money drove townspeople to commit murder, for the elders the life in town is a concentrated mess. The elders want a peaceful life, so that forgetting would be to let them live again in another form of life that is why they had an agreement with some townspeople that they can lived into the wildlife without interfering their village. And they start to build their own community their and elders made a story that every night a creature from the forest visit their village and kill someone who cross on his way, the villagers convinced that they will not enter into the forest either think of it. Lucius hunt points to the locked black box in the corner of her mother’s living room. This locked black box contains all the confirmation about their secret and his parents wont allow him to touch it. He asked questions and his mother replies him that the box are reminders of the past sins. Lucius and Ivy have the intention to enter and journey the forest but because of an incident happened on Lucius, he barely needed a medicine and before it happened to him, he tell Ivy that he believes in the forest you will find a good medicine that can heal different illnesses. Ivy ask a permission of his father to enter the forest and his father tell her all the things she will need to do when she’s on the forest.After the elders revealed the plan of sending his daughter into the forest they went to Mr. Walker and have a talk about that plan and he asserts that if they did not send Ivy the villagers will notice that they are lying because they don’t exert some effort to find medicine for Lucius they could never again call innocent and her daughter has the incapacity to see things,that for him it is unbelievable her daughter would return. And that is their best option because her blindness makes her less capable of detecting their lies.
Mr. Walker provide Ivy a two men for companion. One of the young men that accompanies her into the woods becomes afraid because of his ideology about that creature, but Ivy stand still and jiggling the bag of rocks to comfort him with the promise of protection from that magical pebbles. And the young men asked her why the villagers haven’t done doing it before? but nothing can answer his question. The two men left her alone in the forest but still she continue her journey to find the medicine for Lucius. She encountered the beast in the middle of the forest but she defeated it through her focus mind. Unfortunately, the beast is Noah the crazy man who’s in love with her was pretending as a beast and followed her and died while Ivy has no idea that she killed him. Until Ivy found a barrier and pass over it, a police car was stopped at her and the policeman asked her why she’s there and where she came from, but Ivy really need to have the medicine to save the life of Lucius. The policeman ask the police officer about the wildlife but the officer ignored it, and then he secretly get some medicine and came back to Ivy to give it to her and Ivy go back to the village and gives the medicine to Lucius. From what I have watched this film reflects the set of beliefs and ways of thinking of the villagers. In the village, everyone is in whether they not understand what is true, what is happening they just belive in their own perception. The village is a kind of weird film that made the audience confused about what is the point view of the story. A twist in the story derided our minds to think and to be curious about what film really want to say. People in the 1800s can we call quite innocent on what is happening in their surroundings and they easily believe to the people who have a higher position, wherein this higher people has their own belief and they want the villagers followed and trust them and also their beliefs.

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