Wall-E: Who are to blame of? — An analysis of Andrew Stanton’s Wall-E.


Wall-E, a 2008 science-fiction movie by Andrew Stanton shows a rusty old robot, Wall-E. He is the only one left on earth cleaning up and piling up the mess that the humanity left, while they’re at the outer space enjoying a life full of laziness and of course, technology. At the first scene of the movie, you’ll be amazed seeing the galaxy and the beautiful form of the earth. Which is real clever because you’ll have that excitement and positive inpression about what your about to witness. Then you’ll zoom in to a place full of dirt, dust – an abadoned place of humans. You’ll ask yourself, “where are the people?” or “what happened?”.

Only then you’ll see Wall-E, piling up the garbages all day long. And, you’ll see a cockroach. Not only that the cockroach signifies dirt and germs, there’s a myth that even at the end of the world, it can still survive. Which maybe the reason why Stanton chose a cockroach as a living creature to survive in the midst of struggle. Other than the cockroach, the only thing that keeps Wall-E feel alive is the clip from “Hello Dolly” movie where the guy is proposing his feelings to the girl — emphasizing their hands holding each other. Which Wally has been wishing to experience since then. It got me thinking, “maybe Stanton is in love and can’t express his feelings towards her.” Because as have been observed, each time that Wally plays the clip, he has that shining and glittering eyes wondering about what it feels like to hold somebody’s hand. And while watching the movie, he would hold his hands together. It’s also ridiculous that he turned a robot into something who can feel, when we all know that robots are heartless. For years that Wally has been alone, Eve came — a female robot tasked to find a living plant that they have planted a long time ago. On the name given, it’s spelled as the same as “Eve”, from Adam and Eve. In the same view, the movie has projected that scene similar to the event where God created a woman, because Adam was lonely living all alone in the paradise. At this point, you’re starting to vision a robot as a human-like. It signifies how pathetic are the people choosing artificial things made over the natural gift from God. As it was seen how the humans has destroyed and left the place that God has created.

Eve appeared at first as a serious robot when the rocket who brought him down is still on the place. But after the rocket launched away, Eve started to fly freely like a person who has just escaped from detention. This scene gives an insight of how human is like when his leader or manager is out. Unlike Wall-E, Eve is short-tempered. Showing characteristic like humans with different personalities and perspectives. But while Eve’s getting closer to Wall-E, Eve’s character is starting to change. She’s becoming more outgoing and childish. As I have observed in the movie, everyone that Wall-E meets: Eve, the robot who hates germs, and the typing robot, has shown different sides after meeting Wall-E. He has that undeniable charm that can drag anyone he meets. When in fact, he is just an old, rusty robot who acts as garbage collector. This gives me a perspective that maybe Stanton is trying to convey that even how small a person or a thing is, he can affect or change the world around him.

The only plant found on the movie makes me contrast the earth from Mars. Since there has been this news that some astrologist has been observing the planet Mars if people can survive there in case the earth can longer take the heat, through the plant. In the scene where Wall-E was hanging in the rocket whose carrying Eve back to the spaceship, the earth was screened as it was surrounded by hundreds or thousands of satellites. That clip shows the main reason why the planet earth was wrecked — because of technology. The idea is even supported by the parts where the humans has completely turned into a bunch of lazy people who sits all day long on the floating chairs while chatting and watching movies on the internet. They even all become fat and bloated, even the Captain of the ship. This shows how technology manipulated the lives of the people. Because people know that technology makes everything easier, we are starting to depend almost all the works that need to be done to technology. Just like in the scene of the movie where even brushing their hair, dressing them out, and even holding their juice is taken care of by the robots. This scenes will make you question out if what really technology does to people. Help us? Or manipulate us? Of course technology make our lives easier, but how far?

If you watched the movie, you would probably say more of negative things about the technology, about the robots and their effects on the people. But is it really the technology who manipulate us? Or is it the people who get too attached to technology? Wall-E is a representation of a robot and a human. Because we all know that robots can’t have emotions. Maybe other features can be installed to them, but not in full specifications. In the part where the leader of the robots was trying to stop the Captain of the ship to go back on earth, he suddenly become a monster. He locked the Captain into an empty room and take charge of the situation. This shows that humans are letting the technology become the anchor, we let it control us. Where in fact, it shouldn’t happen because without humans, technology is nowhere to find. The humans invented and developed it. And the humans also has the power to stop it. At the part where John and Amy, the two people who was the first to notice about the changes that technology has brought to humans. It was the first time they noticed the swimming pool around their area and the people not being able socialize to each other physically. The simple bump that Wall-E has done to them becomes a real changer. It shows that even in a simple way, you can affect someone’s life. And a little, when combined together, becomes something big. Wall-E has the physical character of a robot but the soul of a human. Which makes me think. Maybe it isn’t a robot after all, maybe it’s just a human dressed like a robot as the movie’s one way of saying that technology is really helpful to us. It becomes bad when humans depend too much to it and get attached to it.

On the last part of the movie when plants was shown growing on the land, it’s a sign of a new beginning. Humans are starting to become more-productive than ever. It also states that a small plant, when combined together can do so many. Like humans, when simple works are done unitedly, the foundation becomes stronger.


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