“A human-like machine” — Johanna Paula Navarro’s analysis of Andrew Stanton’s “Wall-E”

. WALL-E is a decent science-fiction story with captivating animated film and pleasurable contemplation of scenes. It is directed by Andrew Stanton, who is known for his Best Animated Feature, the central theme of this movie was that irrational love can defeat everything, including programming. It was released in the United States and Canada on June 27, 2008. When the movie started, I saw earth surrounded by tons of satellites, which tells that earth was doomed by technology, and the earth has been almost wrecked, and WALL-E the robot is the only real character. Within five munites of aerial shot there is a monologue by this route of holographic billboards that’s announcing about BnL Starliner Axiom. This starliner axiom was the first cruise ship in space being used for the space evacuation program planned by the BnL company, which are the reason why humanity have wiped away from the earth. They prepared all of this because they believe that through technology, the humanity doesn’t need to exert more efforts. This is true in the present situation as technology nowadays is powerful. It can manipulate our thinking and doings just like the use of social media. It definitely help the people, especially the students which make it easier for them in finishing their school works. Thus, technology also make communication real quick and hassle-free. There is Facebook and yahoo mails that allows the people to reach even their distant loved ones. However, because of the many things that technology does for people, they fail to realize the bad sides of it. They failed to realize that too much dependence on technology make us fool and wastes our time surfing the internet which make us forget the more important things that we need to be focused on. BnL company used the technology to create changes. And when I say changes, I mean big changes. All the robots in WALL-E has three principles to follow in Robotics: first, that a robot may not injure a human being or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Second, a robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would clash with the first law. Lastly, robots may also protect their own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second laws.
WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth class, a robot designed to clean up all the waste-covered the earth. But WALL-E has a distinct characteristics of a humankind that feels the love, affection, fear, and affirmation. WALL-E discovered an old tape from the trash, kept it and watches it every night on the screen of an iPod, that’s how he got inspired by it and serve as a great way to show that he’s a romantic slant. He saw two lovers holding hands, that symbolizes the perfect way to express the phrase “I Love You” without being able to say it. WALL-E wants to experience what he just saw. Until he met EVE, stands for Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, it is a advance robot probe sent from the BnL Starliner Axiom to search for a plant on Earth. Because of EVE, WALL-E become delighted because the only thing he want is to experience holding hands. This movie WALL-E shown the viewers that life is more precious when you appreciate it through its natural cycle. Life is about how you live it simple, not how technology transform you into something your’e not, the point is how you can stand and make a change in your own strength and how you cope up with the reality like the scene of a fat lady who fell out on his modern carriage because WALL-E bang her, and suddenly out of his doing and got back into real life, she was amazed and surprised on what she actually saw and did not recognize that there is a pool where she lived. This scene shown how technology divert us into reality.The portrayal of the future humans in WALL-E as morbidly obese that can interfere basic physical functions like walking and breathing they are lazy to the point of helplessness but then the point is not to be a slam against fat people but to liken the humans to infants. In this movie WALL-E acted more human than a real human being because he knows more about what is happening in a real world not like those people who lived at the ship for a long time ago and the only thing they know is to command a robot all the time. WALL-E has a cockroach friend and serve as his best buddy until the end. Never underestimate this pretty little insect because even it’s a cockroach it gives him the best friendship he ever had. In real life choosing a friend is not all about physical aspects or because he’s a rich person, but the essence of true friendship is how you know about each other flaws and trying to accept and gives respect on it. He’s the only WALL-E who’s functioning well on earth and doing his job everyday, nothings new until he met his friend. The cockroach enlightened his life into something new and serve as the way on how EVE and WALL-E became friend.
When WALL-E discovered a plant from a broken fridge on Earth he digs it up and puts it in an old boot and takes it on the WALL-E transport vehicle, where he lives and in this place where he takes all the items he finds. Despite it being a plant it plays a very large role in the movie. 700 years ago Directive A-311 by BnL CEO has a secret that autopilots should not allow the starliners to return to Earth because life was no longer able to be maintained on the planet. If one plant can survive on Earth then it certainly proves that Earth is good enough to live in. This plant symbolizes new beginnings, new life. And even if the people on the ship was manipulated by the technology there is one thing to remind the people through the help of that plant they will now return to Earth and experience real life without depending on robots and start to live in the right way of living. The scenes have a good shots where much of the film’s first half display an atmospheric, a distinctive mood like mystery and romance and a sepia-hued look that distinguish much of the Deakin’s film work. He’s a good director of photography the makers consulted him to learn how he would light and shoot a scene if it were a live-action movie. Andrew Stanton went to great lengths to create a filmed look reproducing various lens artifacts. There is a rack focusing error in the supermarket scene when WALL-E is crushed by the shopping carts, the image goes out of focus for a short while as the lens is zoomed in on WALL-E at the doors. There are also a lens flares caused by a bright sun just outside the image frame that take many forms and lots of focus shifts between foreground and background subjects. This movie signifies the importance of nature and the bad effects of too much interest in technology. This movie help us realize what’s the outcome of our choices and on what we stand for. WALL-E the movie shown two different kinds of living, first is on how WALL-E enjoy life on Earth without depending on technology and found some things that made him happy and look interested on what he got and second the people who’s on the ship busy communicating through internet something in front of there faces. A lot of lessons and understanding we got on this movie that makes us to appreciate life. WALL-E meant to reflect how the Earth in the film changes and simply exemplify our Earth now and the Earth from yesterday.

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