“CHANGES” An analysis of Pretty Woman


This is my favorite among the rest of the choices in my reviews. Pretty woman is a romantic comedy this movie is similar in the other romcom movies I’ve watched before but then again this kind of movies is so popular – not here in the Philippines but also in the other countries or I think its the whole world? It is is a funny and heart-warming romantic movie with the star-studded performance of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts gave a very good performance as a businessman and a prostitute. I was really amazed by the twist and romance of the movie. And this story is just like a Cinderella thing. I remember the movie here in the Philippines starring Sam Milby and Anne Curtis.

Anne Curtis is also a prostitute met Sam Milby as a professor they became in love with each other and ended up being happy. Many things I’m worrying about is that most people wouldn’t believe in happy endings anymore – they just believe that the happy ending is only for the movies. I remember back then in my childhood days many of my friends want to be princess’ and find a guy who will take them in a wonderful place. This is the scene where they first meet – Its when Edwad Lewis (Richard Gere) attend the party of his partner a lawyer. And he wants to go back in Beveryly hills where he lives suddenly he get lost and stop along the hi-way when he sees Vivenne Ward (Julia Roberts)- a hooker she was there and attractive in the auto stolen of Edward Lewis in his partner she’s just there to ask for a service but Edwad want directions on going back in Beverly Hills but in every service she made theres a consecutive payment. Edward was desperate to go back on his home and he agrees on the deal she gets in and ends up driving him on his hotel. When they got in the hotel Edward ask to stay with her all the night and pay. In his penthouse he offered her for a drink of champagne – while they are drinking, She asked him what he wants but he refuse to do it at first. Vivenne turned on the television and laugh while she was watching Edward took up her attention because she is very childish at the time. On the following morning Edward asked her to stay with him all week for $3000 and he gave her money to buy not so sexy clothes for a dinner later. When she got out many people judged her on what she’s wearing.

However she saw a store of clothes and enter it a – saleswoman didn’t service her and tell her to leave the store because what she’s wearing like a hooker. In reality when you go in the places where many riches and elegant person living in their viewpoints hooker is the lowest part of a person. So you cannot blame the saleswoman she lives and grow up in that kind of situation. In my other part I hate saleswoman you can approach and serve everyone who enter in your store whatever she/he wearing you must do your job well. She got back in the hotel where she get stopped by the hotel manager Barney. He wants to make it clear that they are making an exception having her at the hotel as Edward is such a special guest.

Vivienne gets upset as she still no clothes for a dinner later, and Barney help her for what she wear and what she do in the front of a table.

I got to love Barney he was like a Fairy grandmother guy edition. Barney is a very good example of a friend beacuse even if they just met he was not so open for a help and they are the people whos true to you. On the scene where Edward takes Vivienne to the polo. Vivenne chats to David Morse the grandson the man who invovles in Edward’s last deal. Philip the lawyer and also partner of Edward was worried and suspecting Vivenne that she is a spy of David Morse. He asked Edward for how they met, And Edward said she’s a hooker after that he comes on to Vivenne and tell her if she’s done to Edward then go to him. Vivenne was vey disappointed and frustrated and think she’s a very cheap girl.

Philip has no manners for hookers – not all hookers are cheap, they just need money to live and the only way that they see that is to sell their body they are also have feelings and lot of sturggles in life so please don’t blame hookers – respect them. For a change Edward invited Vivienne for a date to opera and take her on his private jet. When the opera starts Vivienne was very focused and emotional on returning to the hotel. He falls asleep while Vivienne getting ready for the bed and she kisses him on the lips (she dont do this for -clients) and they Vivienne treats Edward as a partner and not a client, In the morning Edward offers to put her up in an apartment so he can continue seeing her but Vivienne realized and say this is no the fairytale that she wants. He wents to work without resolving the situation her friend Kit comes to hotel to see her. Vivienne tells the story about Edward saying that he is so very different in all the man she met and Kit ask her if she in love with him but she denies it. Edwars meets Morse – about to close the deal and change his mind beacuse Vivienne showed him the other way of life as to having a good time and all. He wants to focused on other aspects of life rather than making money. Philip was so bother when he saw Edward change his decision and goes to the hotel. Vivienne is there and blames her for changing Edward he comes to her to have sex for money but Vivienne refused and then he hits her before Edward returns and pulls him off to the penthouse. Vivienne is ready to leave and go back at home with Kit, on the other day Edward realized that he changed a lot beacuse of Vivienne he gets into car to go in airport and leave America for a business meeting but a last minute he cahne his mind and go to Vivienne appartment and climbs up with a rose in his mouth and Vivienne responses with a passionate kiss. Inlife there a person you never expect to come and mess him/her. But the person you never expect is the person that can change your whole life and having them – is very precious that money can never ever replace. maybe someday this could happen in our lives . For me if you really love someone? – you must accept her/his flaws

“Pretty Woman” is a contemporary Hollywood fairy tale, a sweet romantic comedy, an innocent love story in the middle of self-interest and agreement… It remains as an entertaining motion picture that had women calling out the delights of true love…

Keep on dreaming!


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