The Village is produced, directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan. It is a psychological thriller 2004 American film. The film stars, Judy Greer, William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver and Bryce Dallas Howard the daughter of director Ron Howard. It is Rated PG-13 because of its violence and frightening situations.

The village starts with a burial of a child that attended by all the villagers. Then it followed by a feast that having a big outdoor meal. While everyone was busy, enjoying food and each others company, they suddenly hear a loud groaning. They stopped for a while, and you can see in their faces that they are nervous and thinking that there  is something will happen.

Residents in the Covington Village has a fear to go into the woods. They believe that there are creatures or monsters living inside the forest. So with this, they built large barrier of oil lanterns and in night there are watch men that will serve as guards and observe if there will be creatures in Red coat that will enter their village.


After the burial of a child, Lucius hunt, ask permission to the elders if he can go to the towns to get medicines supplies to prevent loosing again another life. The elders refused Luscious proposal. But Luscious tried to go into the woods without the knowing of elders, unfortunately he did not succeed. So the creatures in the woods gave a warning to the villagers in a form of red paint in their doors giving a sign that no one should try to enter again their territory.

Ivy Elizabeth Walker a blind girl and the daughter of Edward Walker will be getting married to Luscious. Until something happened that will set the story in an intense level. When Noah a young man with developmental and learning disability knew that Luscious and Ivy are already engaged, he stabs a knife to Luscious, because he also had a feelings with Ivy. After this, he was locked in one room.

Then after what happened, Edward(Ivy’s father) ask permission to elders if Ivy can passed through the forest to seek medicines for Luscious, But before she leaves Edward told a deep secret about the elders and the village. He told that there is really no creatures and monster in the forest. All of the stories and there beliefs are just only created by the elders. Because elders were trying to keep their children and residents from leaving the village. Because of the past trauma they’ve had when they were in the towns.


While Ivy is traveling through the forest she suddenly attacks by a beast. The beast is actually Noah. Hiding in a costume. Ivy were just trying to protect herself when she accidentally killed Noah. Then Ivy continue her journey to the towns, she encounter a high wall. She climbed over it then a park ranger saw her. Due to her blindness, Ivy didn’t notice the modernization and difference of the town from their village. The park ranger, secretly took out some medicines from his ranger station and gave it to Ivy. Then Ivy returned to the village with the medical supplies.

I really love films or movies that has a twist in ending. Those movies that will leave you a question after you’ve watched. And also, the reason why I enjoyed watching this film is because of its unique style. Its kinda suspense, thriller and a psychological film.

After I’ve watched The Village many thoughts came into my mind. About the deeper meaning of the film. I wonder what is the real message that M. Night Shyamalan’s want us to understand.

Every Director has its own style in Directing and making a film. All of them have their own trademarks. And one of them is the director, writer and producer of this film. M. Night Shyamalan He is known for his works or films that tackles about fears and how one should conquer his/her fears. Like in his three successful previous films, the Unbreakable, Sixth Sense and the Signs. These 3 movies has same stories that deals with fears. They all have weird stories, has supernatural aspects and also all of his movies has a twist in its endings.

In the film The Village, I think Shyamalan properly execute the message that everyone of us must conquer our fears. It was perfectly showed in the character of Ivy. A Lady that despite of her disability and condition still succeed for her plan, finish the race and conquered the fear to go to the forest alone.

It can also be conceived that in this film, Shyamalan uses feminist approach. Because of Ivy who plays to be protagonist and with her character that showed how strong she was which is unusual to what we used to watch in movies that mostly men are the one who has capable to save the world, and also by the perception of our world that mens are stronger than women.

Through this film, Shyamalan prove that a woman can do what a man do.

I can also say that The Village relates on our modern living  society because both of them have rules and laws that people need to follow in order to have an organized society. First, the village has group of elders that implement rules and regulations or in short they ran the society. While in government, elders serves as the House of Representatives, Senate and the President. Elders and our Government has also the same purpose, to protect the people, make sure their safe and happy. That’s what Elders do. They made stories to scare people for them to make sure that they would not go outside of the boundaries and people will not leave the village. They need to do it on order to keep their social control. They also put fear in the people to gain obedience. Also in The Village, People doing something without a parental permission, killing, appreciating the color red and going into the woods, was all deviant. This is much like in our government. Disobeying rules and laws is deviant.


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