The Girl with a Golden Heart & Fierce sense of Justice. (An Analysis of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie).

Vengeance may be a bad thing, but acquiring justice after doing it is quite a different story.

Amelie is a romantic comedy that tells a story of a simple girl who decides to lend a helping hand to other people and affect change to them. She has her own version of of punishment to abusive individuals and show courtesy & respect to those who are humble. In my own perspective, the movie is really about the struggles in finding your own happiness. Anyone can relate to the fact that we can easily play cupid and help two people fall in love with each other, while it is quite hard to achieve this in our life in a more personal note.

The movie shows a more comprehensive and concrete connections of people to each other. The mood of one person can actually affect the scenarios in life of the next. it’s like depicting the chronological pattern where an individual treated with enthusiasm and respect will also treat everyone around him in the same manner. The scene where she sneaks into the place of mean Mr. Collingnon the greengrocer guy to avenge poor Lucien that serves as his assistant, depicts the concept of “what goes around, comes back around”. It is I think a more broad society issue that one must be aware of the consequences of his/her actions to avoid karma.

The next concept is the isolation of Amelie from other children from her childhood. Her parents erringly believes that she has a heart problem. Erik Erickson, a renowned psychologist developed the psychosocial development that tackles how personality and behavior develops in people. The sixth stage of the said theory, is Intimacy Vs. Isolation. The stage talks about how essential interaction with other people and develop close, committed relationship to them.

This stage takes place during young adulthood between the ages of 19 and 40. Studies have demonstrated that people with a poor sense of self tend to have less committed relationships and are more likely to suffer depression and isolation. She was home-schooled and therefore lead in developing an active imagination and fantasy to cope with her depression and loneliness.

One night, she was astonished by the news of Princess Diana being killed and accidentally drop a plastic perfume-stopper which results to a loosen tile to extricate. Behind it, she acquire an old metal box that has toys in it. It was put there by a boy who lived in her apartment years before. She then makes it her life mission to find the boy and return the box to him. The moment she saw how ecstatic the boy (who is an old man now by the way)is, she vowed to always extend a helping hand to others, in order for them to achieve happiness and contentment.

Amelie then secretly helps other people with complex and convoluted schemes. She exercises good deeds to people who deserves it, and play practical jokes as her own version of punishment to others. With this, I think Amelie tries to overcome the issues she acquire while growing up. It is her way of putting herself back in the right place to the society where she can affect the lives of those around her, and to find the love she is looking for.

Audrey Tautou, the actress who played Amelie did a terrific job! She has this look that may be a trademark of the movie and forever be associated with it. Amelie is the main protagonist in the movie. Yet she has spice and fierce personality compared to other lead roles. For me, it symbolizes the process of her character’s growing stage. Before, she experienced being alone and for sure bullied, so now she is manifesting the fair and square trait not only to herself, but especially to the people around her.

Then the moment of waiting is done. She finally met the man of her dreams and uses the phot album he accidentally drop to the street to get to know him in an unorthodox manner. She orchestrated the meet up all in her favor, and returned the photo album in a very mysterious manner. Nino, is now very much eager to know who she is. This is the concrete evidence that she is still hesitant to mee the guy face to face becaus of that notion in her mind that says,”what if he doesn’t like me?”, She’s delaying the official meet up because of the long term effect of being isolated.

Nino, So curious about who this girl is.Did everything he can to find her. He created posters and asked his co-worker to cover for him. He then got the message to go to Cafe des 2 Moulins in Montmartre to finally unveil the identity of this mysterious person. But as expected, circumstances will never let that happen just as easy. Amelie again tried to hide and straight to his face denied that she is the girl his been looking for.

This leads to Amelie assuming eering things and went home hurt and broken. While all of this is happening to her, Mr. Dufayel her old painter neighbor, is constantly observing her. He then talks about his painting, a replica of Luncheon of the Boating Party. Although he did the same painting how many times now, he couldn’t quite capture the right feeling or look of the girl drinking a glass of water. The painting made Amelie recognizes her loneliness and isolation and depicts it to the image of the girl.

Mr. Dufayel then uses the image and urge her to explore her feelings to a young man who collects distorted pictures of strangers from a photo booth.In my on perspective, This Scenario is the introduction of the character who oversees everything. And this character is the last key of the protagonist to get the happy ending he/she deserves.

Boost with Mr. Dufayel’s words of encouragement, Amelie rushed to find Nino and was surprised to know that he is still standing by the door. This results to a relationship that changes Amelie’s life forever and for the better. Basically, the premise of the film is the journey of the protagonist in overcoming her loneliness and isolation. In this context, different problems mostly personal, should be discussed for a better understanding about personality development.

This problem may be on of the reasons why young adults today, commit suicide. They are having a hard time knowing and expressing themselves that will result to a more complicated and sometimes evil outcome. It is essential to let the young generations know that they’re not alone and that there’s always a solution to every obstacles or struggles. All they have to do is be strong and let God’s guidance control you.

Amelie is one of the successful French Film and was a major box-office success. In 2013, it was confirmed that the movie will have a musical adaptation to premiere on Broadway. The director of the film however, distanced himself saying he only sold the rights to raise funds for children’s charity.


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